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Adventures of Robox Re-make!

2008-01-03 09:10:38 by BigBazz

Well its has been nearly 4 years since I submitted my first game. Though this was far from complete and was a good learning experience. I have decided recently to revamp this game as a new learning curve to grasp AS3.

And so with 4 years under the belt stuffing around with various half started projects, I'm going to redo my first game. The story has changed slightly and the graphics have been beefed up as well as the coding. The game is in its very early stages but some of the engines are functional (still need some refinement) but at least there is something to show for the past couple of months work.

Well here is a screenshot of a room within a dungeon.

Adventures of Robox Re-make!

Woooo 2nd Game Complete

2007-07-20 09:25:36 by BigBazz

Well I have finally released a second game after numerous unfinished projects that never ended up seeing the light. Hopefully the next game will come round sooner. The next thing on my list of to do things is to grasp the latest version of actionscript. I have a basic understanding oop its just a matter of working the code into something practical. With that said I think I may redo my original game that I first submitted as I reckon relating the new language to that style of game should translate well.